In order to protect your growing plumbing business adequately, you require awareness regarding pertinent legal issues that are bound to arise. While you are busy starting up and running such a business, it becomes easy to focus entirely on fixing plumbing related issues affecting your clients and lose sight of the legal aspects.

Four pertinent legal issues call for your attention as you go about running your plumbing trade.

1: Personal Injuries

As a New Orleans Plumber Pro, part of your workload involves working with high water temperatures, heavy equipment, and various other things that may end up injuring one of your clients or one of your employees. In the event that this happens, they may file legal claims against your trade seeking settlement for diverse injuries sustained due to something you did or failed to do.
You can protect your plumbing trade against such settlement claims through having each relevant party sign agreements or contracts. Through such contracts, each party agrees not to revert to legal action against your firm due to something you did as an integral part of your assignment.
However, it is important to note that should you have been negligent, you would need to have a solid legal defense.

2: Professional Misconduct

Some actions are considered unprofessional such as failing to observe professional standards of practice. Should you happen to have done something, you should not have done would lead to future problems for your plumbing client. An example is joining steel and copper pipes together without the requisite dielectric union.

The client may consequently seek settlement against your firm for issues arising due to that mistake. Such claims can greatly affect the firm financially as well as its reputation. Therefore, legal measures must be in place to protect it.

3. Interpersonal Issues

Should you and your client fail to agree about an aspect of your plumbing assignment, or should they feel you are in breach of the assignment’s conditions, it would only be natural for them to decline to pay you or to try to get off the agreed upon contract. Should this occur, you would be able to seek advice from your lawyer regarding settlement against such a client.

Seeking legal redress against your client, however, requires careful consideration due to the implications on your plumbing business. Consider what your other clients would think. Would such a case be worth moving forward with? Such questions are critical prior to pursuing a case. In addition, it would be crucial to consult your attorney prior to making any accusatory statements against your client.

4. Client Property Damage

A client might resort to taking action against your plumbing trade for damages caused to their property such as breaking something valuable inside their home or staining their prized carpet. Typically, such issues are taken care of through taking a general liability insurance cover for your firm. This would give you protection should you accidentally break or damage your client’s property as you undertake a plumbing assignment.

Should the said breakage or damage occur, you would have to file a claim with your chosen insurance company. This way, costs associated with compensating your client for their loss would be settled without bringing your company down. Note that legal aspects such as a client going to court may arise.


As you go about your plumbing interaction with your clients, the above issues are bound to happen anytime. Have a lawyer who specializes in such matters on call and consult a good plumbing insurance agent to protect your trade.