Equality laws in the workplace are legislation that protect employees from all forms of discrimination. The laws ensure that all employees are treated in the same manner and that no one is treated less favorable than individuals in the same category. One of the areas covered by these laws is on payment. Equality legislation in the workplace dictates that all employees in the same category performing the same duties should be given equal pay and no one should be paid more or less than the others for whatever reason. There are several other areas covered in the equality laws in the workplace and they are;

1. Disability

Persons with disability are also protected by the equality legislation in the workplace. Be it cognitive, intellectual, emotional or physical, persons with disability should be given equal opportunities in the workplace, this includes promotions and training.

2. Race

Once employed is always an employee and must be treated just like other employees irrespective of their skin color, ethnicity or national origin. Even if it comes to employee punishments it should be done with total fairness and not based on race.

3. Gender

Man, woman or transsexual in the workplace are all employees and therefore should be given equal opportunities in terms of payment, training, recruitment and promotions. Equality laws also protect against sexual harassment of any gender. This also includes pregnant women; the laws protect them from unfair dismissal and are entitled to maternity privileges.

4. Family status

Employees in the workplace should be treated solely without looking at their family status. This means that one should not be recruited or promoted based on their family status but on merit and qualifications.

5. Religion

Employees are free to have different religious beliefs. They should therefore not be mistreated based on their faith and beliefs. Instead, they should be given equal opportunities despite their faith.

Equality laws in the workplace ensure an environmentally-friendly working area for all employees. This is free of any sort of discrimination and harassment.